Year Qualified : 2000

Chris Bargmann is a UK-based professional geologist, currently working with a gold mining company in Central Asia. He was born and raised in the UK, and has been working as a geologist in the mining industry for over 20 years.

Chris has travelled extensively in his career, including exotic wine producing countries such as Uzbekistan. He has always enjoyed wine and regrets that he does not have the opportunity to taste wine as seriously as he used to. An interest in studying more about wine developed whilst he was living and working in Johannesburg in the 1990’s, and he was admitted as a Cape Wine Master in 2000.

His research project was “Great Wines are Grown in the Vineyard”, which looked at the natural influences which affect both vine and resultant wine quality. Chris’ main wine interest at present is the interplay between natural influences, (climate soil and rocks) and the vine. This follows on from his CWM research project and he has now written several papers and articles detailing the interplay between geology and wine in South Africa.

At present, he is close to completing a new paper on the geological features of Breede River and Overberg vineyards. Chris has also presented papers at several geological conferences where geology and wine sessions have become a popular theme.

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Great wines are grown in the vineyard

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