As part of the course requirements, all candidates are required to write a dissertation on a topic that was approved by the examining committee.

Copies of all Cape Wine Master dissertations are held in the SAWIS library in Paarl, and those in pdf format can also be downloaded from this website, free of charge.

Due to the age of some of the older dissertations, they are not available to download from this site in pdf format.

Herewith is a list of all dissertations that are available to download, in chronological order:

2019 - Henderson, Jacqui - A case for Chardonnay as a regional signature grape variety for Elgins cool climate 2.96 MB Download
2018 - Melck, Harry - Strategy, Vision and Business Transformation in the South African Wine Industry 2.91 MB Download
2017 - Swarts, Anton - A look at tartrate stabilisation of wine in the South African wine industry 9.48 MB Download
2017 - Oertle, Ivan - Evaluating the Development of Emerging South African Black Owned Wine Companies 1.27 MB Download
2017 - Cillie, Francois - Alternative anti oxidants and preservatives in wine the viability of Rooibos and Honeybush wood 1.31 MB Download
2017 - Butler, Brendan - White Bordeaux style blends in South Africa 2.23 MB Download
2016 - Visser, Karin - Pinot Noir in South Africa and New Zealand 1.63 MB Download
2016 - Steyn, Jacques - Biodynamic viticulture in South Africa 1.29 MB Download
2016 - Briers-Louw, Janno - Dryland viticulture an overview of the South African situation 1.43 MB Download
2015 - Le Riche, Yvonne - Revolutionising Cinsaut 1.15 MB Download
2015 - Gomez, Martin Fernandez - Grenache Best practices and potential for South Africa 2.23 MB Download
2014 - van Flymen, Debi - Bordeaux style red wines in South Africa 4.20 MB Download
2014 - Malan, Marius - Is the Swartland the new South African wine hub 1.30 MB Download
2014 - Louw, Conrad - Sherry - departure or renaissance 3.16 MB Download
2014 - Harper, Sandy - The relevance of informal wine tasting clubs as a potential marketing channel for small and new wine brands 1.50 MB Download
2014 - Bruwer, Nina-Mari - Perceptions in wine 1.98 MB Download
2014 - Bezuidenhout, Francois - South African producer & co-operative wineries 1.71 MB Download
2012 - Tolken, Lizette - Cabernet Franc in South-Africa 1.04 MB Download
2012 - Ramsden, Derek - South African brandy in an international context 1.80 MB Download
2012 - Noppé, Raymond - Rise of the Dragon - the Chinese wine market 7.28 MB Download
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