Tolken, Lizette

Lizette Tolken attended a high school reunion in 2005 where Cape Wine Master Tom Blok presented a tasting and was so intrigued by his passion and knowledge that she immediately enrolled for the Preliminary course at the Cape Wine Academy. Lizette is an admitted...

Ramsden, Derek

Derek Ramsden has always been entrepreneurial by nature, turning the main passions of his life into successful businesses. After 18 years in the family cabinet-making and shopfitting business with his father, he has carved out a very exclusive niche market in the wine...

Noppé, Raymond

I was born and raised in the rural town of Worcester, which is situated in the Breede River Valley, a premium wine growing region in South Africa. Even though I was exposed to vineyards and the culture of wine from a young age, my interest in wine was only sparked in...

March, David

Dave March was a dedicated athlete in his younger years, completing many marathons under 2½ hours, so wine wasn’t very conducive to a hard training regimen. During a visit to Australia for a year, while relaxing after a strenuous game of boules with friends at...

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Cape Wine Masters are involved in a range of disciplines: wine making, wine marketing, wine promotion and sales, wine journalism, cellar design and construction, cellar stock advice, wine sourcing, tasting presentations and food and wine presentations.

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