Salamon AndrasSalamon, András (Dr)

Year Qualified : 2007
Dissertation Topic: Techniques to achive moderate alcohol levels in South African wine

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Lynne SherriffSherriff, Lynne

Year Qualified : 1988
Dissertation Topic: Cabernet Sauvignon today and into the 1990s

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Snyman CarolineSnyman, Caroline (Dr)

Year Qualified : 2004
Dissertation Topic: Status of traditional Mediterranean grape varieties in the New World

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No Profile ImageSpies, Cornel (Dr)

Year Qualified : 2001
Dissertation Topic: Comparison between red Burgundy and South African Pinot Noir

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Steenkamp De BruynSteenkamp, De Bruyn

Year Qualified : 2006
Dissertation Topic: Global warming: a future perspective on changes to wine style and terroir

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Steyn JacquesSteyn, Jacques

Year Qualified : 2016
Dissertation Topic: Biodynamic viticulture in South Africa – nature’s principles or pseudoscience?

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Swarts AntonSwarts, Anton

Year Qualified : 2017
Dissertation Topic: A look at tartrate stabilisation of wine in the South African wine industry

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