Institute of Cape Wine Masters

The title of Cape Wine Master is one of the most sought after academic qualifications in the South African Wine Industry.


Over the last 35 years, 99 candidates have qualified to become Cape Wine Masters and a further three were awarded the title of Honorary Cape Wine Masters, bringing the total number to 102.



Upon graduating as a Cape Wine Master, one automatically becomes a member of the Institute of Cape Wine Masters (ICWM).

Its members comprise of an active group of knowledgeable people who are formally qualified, objective, passionate and informed on local and international wine matters.

The purpose of the ICWM is to harness the collective ability of its members to open the world of wine and brandy to others, through their knowledge, deep understanding, and love for wine.

Cape Wine Masters are expected to:


promote wine and spirit education in South Africa at all levels


promote the growth and responsible use of wine


promote the image of the ICWM by enhancing its credibility, visibility and recognition


be an ambassador of wine

The ICWM is managed by an Executive Committee consisting of seven members, democratically chosen at the AGM held every year in May.

The vice-chairperson Harry Melck, Treasurer Tom Blok, Secretary Raymond Noppé, Northern representative Debi van Flymen, Southern representative Lizette Tolken, and ad-hoc member Conrad Louw, ably assist the current chairperson De Bruyn Steenkamp.

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Cape Wine Masters are involved in a range of disciplines: wine making, wine marketing, wine promotion and sales, wine journalism, cellar design and construction, cellar stock advice, wine sourcing, tasting presentations and food and wine presentations.

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