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ICWM Members

ICWM MembersSince the programme’s inception in 1983, a total number of 98 candidates have qualified to obtain the title of Cape Wine Master.

A further 3 (Colin Frith, Phyllis Hands and Dave Hughes) were awarded honorary membership, which brings the total number of Cape Wine Masters to 101.

Over the years, and for various reasons, 22 members have since resigned from the Institute of Cape Wine Masters, and a further 4 have passed away. Therefore current membership consists of 75 Cape Wine Masters. Of these 75 members, 13 live overseas, as far away as the USA and Australia.

Wright (Ratcliffe), Jenny

Wright (Ratcliffe), Jenny

Year Qualified : 2004, Status : Active Member, Location : Overseas,
Dissertation Topic: Cult wine: in search of South African candidates

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