The title of Cape Wine Master is one of the most sought after formal qualifications in the South African Wine Industry.

The qualification was first instituted in 1983, and over the last 33 years 93 candidates (48 men and 45 women) have qualified to become Cape Wine Masters, and a further 3 (2 men and 1 woman) were awarded the title of Honorary Cape Wine Masters.

The ICWM is an active group of knowledgeable people who are formally qualified, objective, passionate and informed on local and international wine matters.

The Institute runs tastings and other wine events. It provides membership services to members of the ICWM world-wide, along with information and access to specialist advice for the wine industry in general.

ICWM Mission:

The ICWM pursues the goal of excellence in the wine industry and aims to promote:

  • wine and spirit education in South Africa
  • the image and interest of the members of the Institute
  • the responsible use of wine

ICWM Culture:

Cape Wine Masters are expected to:

  • promote the growth and use of wine
  • promote wine education at all levels
  • promote the image of CWM’s by enhancing their credibility, visibility and recognition
  • promote the qualification which should be sought-after for anyone wishing to advance in the wine trade
  • be an ambassador of wine
  • act as a catalyst to help the industry move forward
  • assist the industry to keep pace with the changes and trends in world wine markets

ICWM Executive Committee

The Institute of Cape Wine Masters is managed by a 7-member Executive Committee. The 2016 – 2017 committee consists of the following members:

  • National Chairman – Conrad Louw
  • National Vice-Chairman – Ginette de Fleuriot
  • National Treasurer – Tom Blok
  • National Secretary – Debi van Flymen
  • Communications Officer - Raymond Noppé
  • Northern Branch Chairman – Derek Ramsden
  • Southern Branch Chairman – Nina-Mari Bruwer